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Wide-set Eyes

Wide-set Eyed - Amanda Seyfried

The Perfect Wide-set Eye Lash

The perfect lashes for wide-set eyes will emphasize the big and beautiful shape of your eyes, while distracting from the distance between them. Lashes that are voluminous with the longest lashes in the middle of the eye draws focus from the wide distance between the eyes. Criss cross and spiky styles like Snatched and Savage will open your eyes and make them appear even bigger. Try to avoid flared lashes, as these will emphasize the distance between your eyes.

 Signature Collection
Lashes for Wide-set Eyes

Posh Collection
Lashes for Wide-set Eyes

Je Suis 
Flex Snatched
Extra G.O.A.T (Mink)
Glow Up (Mink) Savage (Mink)



The above selections are suggestions based on extensive research. However, your personal preference may supersede these suggestions.