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What are the Pros and Cons of Magnetic Lashes?


  1. One of the major benefits to magnetic lashes is that they are healthier for your eyes and natural than traditional (glue) false lashes. The chemicals in the glue are more likely to cause irritation and/or infection. 
  2. Magnetic lashes are less messy than glue lashes. Because the lashes stick to your skin via the magnetized eyeliner that is applied like regular eyeliner rather than with glue, you don’t have to worry about getting adhesive all over your eyes and fingers.
  3. Magnetic lashes last longer (approx. 30 wears) because they require less handling when it comes to application and maintenance, which means a better return on your investment. 
  4. Magnetic lashes are easier to apply than traditional glue lashes. Just apply the liner and they snap right on. 
  5. Magnetic eyeliner has the exact same ingredients as regular eyeliner with an increase in the amount of iron oxide (used as coloring in regular eyeliner). Therefore, those who have allergic reactions to the glue required for regular falsies will love magnetic lashes. 


    1. Regular glue lashes are usually adhered right on the lash line so the look more natural. However, applying glue lashes this way causes premature lash loss, which makes magnetic lashes safer to wear. In order to blend your natural lashes with your magnetic lashes you should curl your natural lashes so they meet the magnetic lashes. Adding a little mascara will also assist in blending. 
    2. Although magnetic lashes tend to be easier to use, it can take longer to learn how to use them. Once you get past the initial learning curve you wI’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. 
    3. Not all magnetic lashes are trimmable (5 magnet lashes), if you have smaller eyes and usually need to trim your lashes this may be an issue for you. If this is a concern, you should try our 10 magnet lashes which allow for trimming.  
    4. Regular glue lashes feel sturdier than magnetic lashes. Obviously, this would be the case; however, magnetic lashes are quite sturdy when applied correctly the removal must be intentional. 


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