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What are the easiest magnetic lashes to apply?

The easiest magnetic lashes to apply varies from person to person, there is no right answer to this question. 

If you are a pro at applying eyeliner, you will probably find that magnetic lashes that are adhered with magnetic eyeliner to be the best and easiest invention since sliced bread.

However, if you are horrible at applying eyeliner and have the ability to accurately attach the bottom magnetic lash to the top magnetic lash with your natural lash between the two, you will probably find the lash on lash magnetic lashes to be the easiest for you.

For the person who doesn't have a particular skill either way, you would probably lean toward the lash on liner magnetic lashes as learning how to apply eyeliner is much easier than trying to connect two lashes close enough to your lid without poking your eye out or having the lashes attached incorrectly.


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