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Upturned Eyes

Unturned Eyed - Rhianna

Upturned Eyes

If you also have wide-set, close-set, deep-set, or protruding eyes please click the find out more button below for the lashes that will accommodate your upturned shape and specific dimension or placement.

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The Perfect Upturned Eye Lash

Upturned eyes can be overwhelmed by heavy volume, so opt for more light to medium volume, wispy lashes. Other than the volume, upturned eyes are pretty versatile, from doll-eye to cat-eye, criss-cross to spiky. This eye shape can especially benefit from demi lashes like Low Key. These lashes are usually enough to create emphasis and draw attention to the natural captivating cat-eye sha

 Signature Collection

Posh Collection

Je Suis 
Turn Up
Extra Bae
Lit Snatched
Clout Savage (Mink)
Woke Quiche (Mink)
Low Key
Slay (Mink)



The above selections are suggestions based on extensive research. However, your personal preference may supersede these suggestions.