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Eye Shape Quiz

Question 1 

Do you have a crease in your top eyelid?  
If you answered NO, you have Monolid eyes, click here to proceed to the next section.  
If you answered YES, continue to the next question.

Monolid Eyes


Question 2 

Place the straight object across the center of your eyes (pupil).
Are the outer corners of your eyes above below or even with line?
If they are above the line, you have Upturned eyes – click here to proceed to the next section.
Upturned Eyes


However, if your corners are below the line,
you have Downturned eyes – click here to proceed to the next section. 
If your outer eye corners are right on the line, answer the following question to continue.

Downturned Eyes



Question 3

When you look straight into the mirror, is the white below the iris visible?
Yes? Then you have Round eyes - click here to continue to the next section.  

Round Eyes


 No? Then you have Almond  eyes – click here to proceed to the next section!

Almond Eyes



Question 4

When your eyes are open, is your eyelid crease low and practically hidden?  
If so, you have Hooded eyes – click here to proceed to the next section.


Hooded Eyes


 By now you should know your eye shape.  
To find out if you have additional dimension and/or placement to consider click here 
to complete the quiz and find the perfect lashes for your eyes.