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Hooded Eyes

Hooded Eyed - Emma Stone

Hooded Eyes

If you also have wide-set, close-set, deep-set, or protruding eyes please click the find out more button below for the lashes that will accommodate your hooded shape and specific dimension or placement.

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The Perfect Hooded Eye Lash

To enhance the sultry and mysterious look of your hooded eyes, you should don longer lashes focusing on the center to open up the eye and create an illusion of depth. Lashes with light to medium volume are your best bet as thicker more dramatic lashes can weigh down your eyes and make them look smaller.

 Signature Collection
Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Posh Collection
Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Lit Turn Up
Extra Bae
Savage (Mink)



The above selections are suggestions based on extensive research. However, your personal preference may supersede these suggestions.