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Eye Dimension/Placement Quiz


Question 1

Does your brow bone extend past your eyes on top as well as near the outer corners?
If so, you have Deep-set eyes.
Proceed to the Eye Shape Guide and select your eye shape to find the perfect lashes for you.  
If not, proceed to the next question.

Deep-set EyesDeep-set

Question 2

Do your I eyelids appear to project outward in the eye socket area?   
If not, please proceed to the next question.If so, you have Protruding Eyes.
Proceed to the Eye Shape Guide and select your eye shape to see what fabulous lashes are best to dress your eyes.  

Protruding Eyes



Question 3

Look at the space between your eye. Is that space wider, narrower,
or about the width of one of your eyeballs?  

If your eyes are not protruding, or deep-set, and are the same width, you're set.  
Find your eye shape from the quiz above in the Eye Shape Guide below to see what Je Suis Diva has in
store for the windows to your soul.  

If your eyes are narrower, you have Close-set eyes - Go to the Eye Shape Guide and select your eye
shape from above and then Close-set eyes.  Je Suis Diva has just the lashes you need! 

Close-set EyesClose-set


If that space is wider, you have Wide-set eyes.  
Continue to the Eye Shape Guide and  select your eye shape to determine what gems
Je Suis Diva has in our coffers for you.

Wide-set Eyes



By now you should know your eye shape, dimension, and placement.  
The information in the guide below will assist you in choosing the
perfect lashes to achieve your desired look.