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How to choose the Perfect Lash!

Believe it or not, lashes are like clothes - just because Emma Stone looks drop-dead gorgeous in a bandeau dress does not mean that you will, unless you have the same height, shape, and proportions as she does. As with clothes, lashes that are devastatingly beautiful on some may be an eye fashion faux pas on others.
Typically, you will find that there are six basic eye shapes. Your eye shape is the shape created by your eyelids and the opening of your eyes. Additionally, you also have to consider eye placement and depth, which add four eye types to the mix. To select the lash that is going to land you in that devastatingly beautiful category and not on an episode of the fashion police. Take 5 minutes, a mirror, and an imaginary straight line to take our eye shape quiz to figure out your eye shape and your perfect lash.
Eye Shape Quiz